The Black Diamond – Black Is Beautiful

Black diamonds are among the most popular of diamonds, and they make amazing additions and focal points to any piece of precious jewelry. Whether you’re searching for an engagement ring, rose diamond ring, necklace, or bracelet – a high quality black diamond provides a touch of elegance and to the jewelry. Before selecting your ring or necklace, make sure you understand the diamond basics.

Why Young People Prefer Natural Black Diamonds?

We all like to think of ourselves as being advanced and creative. No more following the herd, we make an effort to have a unique tone of voice and appearance. We grow crazy beards; wear cool shoes and bungee jump tied to an inflated turtle.

The Black Diamond ringThis also displays on our fashion choices and even the most sacred traditions such as engagement ring design. No more taking walks blindly to the counter and choosing the first round cut white diamond that fits our budget and looks okay. We are searching for something bold that has a statement. What is bolder than a black marble like the diamond with smooth facets and impressive angles? Considered for quite some time as a gothic fashion trend it has been raised to a significantly higher status recently with many viewings on red carpets across the world.

In the 1960’s, the phrase “Black Is Beautiful” has paved the way for a large cultural movement that began in the U.S and later spread worldwide. In the centuries prior to that, bigotry and racism have influenced people to believe that the features of black people were not pretty. These days, of course, it seems ridiculous, as we value beauty in any shape and color. So is the case with diamonds!

What Is A Natural Fancy Black Diamond?

Unlike other elegant color diamonds such as blue, pink and yellow, black diamonds don’t acquire their color features from having a foreign element such as Boron or Nitrogen within the formation of the crystal, but by a large number of graphite inclusions that are so dominant, the diamond seems equally black and opaque. This phenomenon is quite unusual.

What Makes A Natural Fancy Black Diamond More Valuable Than A Treated Diamond?

Like nearly everything associated with diamonds, we appreciate the amazing work of nature much more than man-made unnatural functions. A treated black diamond is no more than a very low quality normal white diamond, that is most likely more appropriate for industrial reasons rather than jewelry design, and was unnaturally enhanced to become darker and more but not entirely opaque.

Are There Any Famous Black Diamonds?

Yes. The most recognized one is the Orlov black diamond also known as the “eye of Brahma” is now a 67.5 Carat cushion-shaped stone. It has an interesting story behind it – It was allegedly stolen by a monk from a Brahma statue in India (where it was found in the 19th century) and therefore supposedly cursed, as a few of its later owners jumped to their death from skyscrapers. It was later cut in three parts by Charles Winston (the authentic stone weighed 195 Carat) in an attempt to break the curse!

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