Wedding rings with 3 carat

Rings as symbols of love and respect were and are always marketable and gain great popularity. It is no surprise that they become a part of romantic ceremonies such as a proposal or a wedding. In general, they should be elegant and possess a unique beauty. The rings reveal true feelings, natural tenderness. A collection of the diamond rings by Segal Jewelry offers a wide range of rings for special moments.

The set of valuable stones available for jewelry is presented in the following list:

  • Red Ruby
  • Salt and pepper
  • Green Emerald
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Moissanite
  • White and Black Diamond

The stones have natural uniqueness and mystery to make the private atmosphere for a particular moment like a wedding.

The origin of the black diamond

Black diamond stimulates potential growth. The power and energy are 2 features these stones symbolize. This type of valuable stone means

  • originality,
  • desire,
  • love, and
  • allure.

The price for the white stone is higher than the black one. A structure of black diamond consists of 3 components:

  • graphite,
  • amorphous carbon, and
  • diamond.

The natural diamond possesses the white color but the specific chemical reactions make the stone black. The usable colors are grey and black. The surface is flat. There is no porosity on the ring.

Peculiarities of the product

The measurements of all rings are 3 karats. The possible bases of the jewelry are gold and platinum. The client’s preferences are the most essential. The suggested styles of the rings vary from flowered, classic to bamboo and vintage. The colors may be different: from the pastel to shining.

Selection is the key to succeed

Now some tips are suggested to make a good choice and persuade the clients that plan is the best approach to memorize the wedding for eternity.

The first aspect to deal with is the planned budget. Any product has the price from 900 – 2500$.

The second aspect is the correct size. The suggested rings of Segal Jewelry are created to satisfy all clients’ needs. The representatives of the company are always ready to help.

The design of the ring is the last aspect to choose from. The clients may book any exclusive item from the black diamond collection. All details are decided tet-a-tet.

The elements of black diamond rings are the following: metals and valuable stones. High quality and on-time performance are guaranteed. Every component of black diamond rings is created by Segal Jewelry professionals. The stones are fixed by a specialized microscope.

The company also offers the created models of rings for the responsible cases, but if something special is needed, the jewelry specialists help to select the good one with pleasure.

The wedding black diamond rings stimulate beloved people to express their feelings more brightly and enhance their original elegance and charm.

Finishing all above said, it should be pointed out that the married life needs respect, attention, appreciation, and self-control to handle all upcoming bother. The wedding may not happen without the best ring. There is no argument that this ceremony should be remembered forever. The Segal Jewelry provides such a possibility for the clients and desire to do it best.

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